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  •  @Nalo_Hopkinson  Ha! Thank you! Yes, that was a fun one!!!2 weeks ago
  • Older piece, but one of my personal favorites - The Gravemaster, now up on Artstation! https://t.co/IIH9duRNk1 https://t.co/9hFhKWsoW92 weeks ago
  • RT  @everydayorig : Coming in #NewbieNovember: Sean Andrew Murray ( @seanmurray_art ) is a freelance illustrator, concept artist, author and te…2 weeks ago
  • RT  @ianmcque : New book ‘Ruins & Roots’ available now in my store: https://t.co/iyEoU8In0i https://t.co/XOGLJQfCNT3 weeks ago
  • Hey! I finally have an  @ArtStationHQ  presence! Like, welcome to 2014 Sean! 🙂 https://t.co/zdI1rGVi5t3 weeks ago