If you would like to follow along as Sean creates The Great City of Gateway one drawing and painting at a time, then consider becoming a pledger to his Patreon campaign.

  • WIP https://t.co/HmOyQoTfA41 week ago
  • Prints of the drawings for “The Grand Bonewalker”, “A Slarr and Its Many Handlers”, and “Mobile Wizard Tower” are a… https://t.co/pd98iQ1jeD2 weeks ago
  • Exciting News About Two "City of Gateway" Firsts! - https://t.co/I0tVgDuQIl4 weeks ago
  • RT  @gdeo : This fantastic cosplayer visited  @encasamonstruos   @MUSAudg  .It is an awesome homage to  @RealGDT  based on the beautiful artwork of…1 month ago
  •  @TroubaGames   @mouseguard  It was great to meet you too!! Love what you guys are doing, I’ll let you know if I ever plan to come out to NZ!!1 month ago